Sunday, October 23, 2011

Upcoming Herbal and Mycology workshops

Two exciting opportunities for learning more about natural health:

Medicinal Mushrooms of Western Canada
with Robert Rogers @ Pacific Rim College

October 29-30, 2011, 9am-5pm
Includes a day of classroom learning about edible and medicinal mushrooms and a day in the woods to identify mushrooms!

This photo is from the workshop held last spring. Robert is an expert and shared so much about mushrooms, lichen, and herbs over the weekend! 

Reading the Body: Traditional Western Herbal Diagnosis
with Margi Flint @ Pacific Rim College in Victoria

The workshop includes facial and tissue signs, pulse, tongue, urine, stool and nail diagnosis. Margi is an experienced herbalist with a practice in Massachusetts. To learn more about her visit her website: 

For more info about these workshops visit:


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