Friday, September 23, 2011

UK herbalist visits Victoria

Peter Conway, a herbalist from the UK, is coming to Victoria this weekend. He is teaching a workshop, held at Pacific Rim College, on the Hidden Dimensions of Healing in Natural Medicine.

For more about Peter:

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wildflower photos & info from British Columbia

Photos of useful & beautiful wildflowers taken near 
Monashee Provincial Park in British Columbia:

 Arnica cordifolia (Heart leaved Arnica)
This plant has many relatives that are each used similarly to the European relative, Arnica montana. Arnica is used externally only as internal use is dangerous and toxic. External preparations are used to treat inflammation and muscle pain. 

Claytonia lanceolata (Western Spring Beauty)
This has been used as a food source - the leaves are rich in vitamins and the corms are rich in carbohydrates, thus the plant, has been called "Indian potato".

Pulsatilla occidentalis (Western Pasque flower)
This is called by many names including: Prarie Crocus, Wind flower, or Western Anenome. Like many other members of the Buttercup family this plant is poisonous when fresh. It is related to   Pulsatilla vulgaris (Common Pasque flower), which is used in herbal and homeopathic medicine. 
The photo above shows it in flower (right) and seeding (left). 

Photos taken by Lindsay Hounslow (Yoga teacher, Wilderness guide, and Herbalist) near Sol Mountain Lodge, host to Yoga retreats as well as back country hiking and skiing.