Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!!

Valentine's Day is here! The perfect time to remember our herbal aphrodisiacs. 

Many factors can contribute to a drop in libido, including stress, pharmaceutical side effects and underlying physical conditions. If the physical spark is dim in the love nest, try adding one of the following herbs to start the fire..........
Withania / Ashwagandha: a supportive, adaptogenic root herb commonly used in India. It tonifies the reproductive system for both men and women. It's traditional folk name is the "man with a thousand wives"!

Maca Root / "Peruvian ginseng": a folk remedy used to increase stamina, energy, and sexual function.

Fo-Ti: also known as Ho Shou Wu, this Chinese herb is known for being a longevity tonic increasing vitality, stamina and also popular as a hair tonic for growth and color.

Damiana: a Mexican herb that is can enhance female sexual function via active constituents that have progesterone mimicking qualities.

If there is underlying stress of a hormone imbalance please consider seeing a herbalist to help you find long lasting balance in you love life!!


  1. Thanks Lauren for putting this together! Hope your Valentine's was lovely!

  2. Thanks Lindsay! I couldn't have asked for a better valentines day - delicious dinner including beets cut into the shape of hearts (by the man), and Raw chocolate Damiana love liqueur for dessert!
    I hope yours was full of love and plants!